Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You have 2 options to sign up for BirdWatch: through Facebook or registering your email address.

How can I help identify a bird?

Go to “Birds” and you’ll see birds that need to be identified. Contribute to the discussion by upvoting and downvoting answers or by choosing/typing the bird’s name.

Will I have a record of the birds I’ve seen or identified?

Yes. Just go to your profile (“Me”) and head over to “My Birds”. There, you’ll find a record of all the birds you’ve seen, posted, or identified.

How do I post a bird?

Simply take a photo of the bird you spotted, upload it on the app, answer a few questions about the bird, post it, and you’re good to go.

How can I ensure that the answers given by community members are accurate?

Community members can upvote or downvote answers. Upvoted answers are typically accurate and has the consensus of the community. Downvoted answers could be inaccurate and need further verification.

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